Data and Analysis Center

The Data & Analysis Center will:

  • Provide agile, timely, and integrated item/system level performance and effectiveness, vulnerability/lethality, and human systems integration analytical products to ensure readiness and decisive overmatch.
  • Enable AFC to conduct streamlined decision processes that are underpinned by sound evidence-based analysis lead the Army's largest talent pool of analysts, scientists, engineers and technicians focused on integrated analysis and process improvement through cutting edge analytic and assessment techniques.
  • Conduct research, development, experimentation and analysis of leap-ahead technologies and deliver analytic support across the acquisition life cycle.


Deliver objective analysis, experimentation and data across the entire life cycle to ensure readiness today and a more lethal future force tomorrow.

The Army's authoritative source of integrated analytical solutions for the Soldier and Future Force Modernization Enterprise (FFME) to ensure the Army decisively defeats any adversary, anytime, anywhere.


Mr. O'Neill

Mr. Patrick J. O'Neill
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

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